History & Mission
Johnny Keeton Studios was established in 1975 as a sales agency
for textile suppliers. Originally founded in Huntington Beach,
California, JKS opened their first New York showroom in 1980.
In 1992, the company moved all operations to New York and
opened the International Textile Building on 29th Street, in the
heart of the home textile industry.
Johnny Keeton Studios represents a number of top suppliers: home textile producers ,converters and
manufacturers. The sales group  of Johnny Keeton Studios is over 43 countries on 5 continents. The
mission is to put Johnny Keeton Studios textile producers directly in touch with the international textile
buyer...importers, converters, distributors, manufacturers, and in some cases directly with the retailers.

Johnny Keeton Studios doesn't buy and re-sell textiles. A group of independent sales agents helps
Johnny Keeton Studios market the newest designs, colours, and looks that these textile producers
create each season. Active in textile fairs worldwide, it is the goal of Johnny Keeton Studios to offer the
hottest, most saleable home textiles in the market at any time. Sources range from the USA, UK,
Turkey, India, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, and China.