Johnny Keeton, President
Later, he began traveling overseas-first to South and Central America and by the end of
the 70's was in Taiwan-showing U.S. upholstery fabrics...before it was even possible to
ship to Taiwan. The past 20 years have seen Johnny Keeton Studios move to New
York, originally in 1980 and permanently in 1992. Johnny Keeton Studios has worked
with many of the top suppliers in our industry to promote their textile lines in the
export markets. A network of associated agents and loyal clients are part of the group
that have worked together over the years to keep fashion forward textile designs and
colors in front of their customers each season.

Now, living in New York City, working from his office and flat, the search for textile
treasures goes on.
After graduation from Texas Tech in 1969, Johnny started a
financial investment firm that eventually evolved into a venture
capital company, based in Houston, Texas. In the Mid 70's,
Johnny's dad, J. Frank Keeton, the president of Keeton Industries,
asked him to go to work for the firm as manager of Keeton
Industries California branch in Burbank, California.
Alexis-jon Keeton -

Alexis-jon is graduating from Hunter College in New York City and her plans run the gammut...
from moving to Europe, San Francisco, or other places in between. A professional Swing Dance
teacher, she also spends her time teaching, promoting events, and supporting this new popular
Her education, which included two stints in Latin year in South America: Ecuador,
Peru and Bolivia, and another in Central America in Costa Rica have resulted in her speaking
Spanish Fluently.

Alexis, or Lexi as the swing dance scene knows her, has found a home in Australia! During her 6
months working in Adelaide, she met a man that made everything else secondary. Michael
Collins entered her life and it looks like they are making great partners. Michael, a Collingwood
resident and successful programming executive…was by chance a swing dancer for fun. Now, he
is helping Lexi with her dream to have her own Swing Dance Events, and space to teach and
promote the swing dance scene.

We miss Lexi, but there is no better place…and no better family to be with than the Collins
family. I was fortunate to be able to be in Melbourne in December 2010, and I was immersed in a
whirlwind of fun…from Boxing Day, to wine country jaunts, sailing on the family yacht…bicycling,
tennis, golf…what else?

All the best to Lexi and Michael!       

Her Website:
Alexis-jon Keeton is the key sales executive for the
company. Her travels have taken her from Boston to
Seattle...San Diego to Miami...promoting the lines we offer to
the US clientele from Ashley Wilde Group and Studio Design
Silks. She has fans all along her route!        
Mariama Diarra
Mariama Diarra is a French intern who worked at Johnny
Keeton Studios in 2009. Enjoying travelling and discovering
new cultures, she studied in Germany during one semester
where she was part of the University of Hamburg Master of
International Business Administration programme. After
this german experience, she decided to cross once again  
the Atlantic and do her second year of master’s degree at
the California State University Bakersfield.

During her studies she did internships in France, Mali, and
USA, which increased her desire to work for an international
company. Her interest in webdesigning stimulated her to
create this website with Laure Laprevotte who was an intern
at Johnny Keeton Studios as well.  
Mariama is now living in Bakersfield (CA) where she works
in the entertainment industry. She loves it and hope to build
a great career!

Contact her :
The company, at the time, had 5 warehouses around the US, and
was one of the leading jobbers of upholstery fabrics in the US. It
was a big change from funding motion pictures, land deals and oil
ventures... to checking sample books in an upholstery shop in
Bishop, California. Slowly, the beauty of textiles began to appeal
him and he was hooked.